Guus van Beelen

(C) Copyright 2018-2020 Guus van Beelen

Together with some great artists I recorded my new song

Het Komt Wel Goed

"...Combining pinch harmonics and carefully calculated scalar runs up and around neck,

van Beelen creates a neat, concise little dream

in a 2 minute song..."

- Smart Bass Guitar Magazine

Shiners And the Gall

For the dark noir short film Shiners and the Gall by Thijs Bazelmans I composed the main theme and the score.

For the short film HiFi, also by Thijs Bazelmans I was asked to write the music. Ofcourse with a good dosis of creative bassguitar!

For Dog Barking In Distance I played bass on the e.p. Cheat, Stray, Leave

For the documentary Transhuman by Titus Nachbauer I composed most of the soundtrack. Fun fact: producer Tom Trago also wrote a piece for this film!

With the dutch Hiphop formation HIDO I recorded the E.P. Introducing HIDO

With my old rockband Slinkey I recorded the album Rock with a Twist