Music Lessons

Guus van Beelen

(C) Copyright 2018 Guus van Beelen

Learn to play the bass or the guitar! Alternatively, you can also apply for lessons in music theory or ear training. There are still lessons available in Amsterdam.

Lessons last one hour and are available in Dutch or in English.

No bassguitar? No problem! I have a bassguitar available.

Under 21: € 44,- per lesson or  € 484 for 12 lessons

Over 21: € 53,24 per lesson or  € 585,64 per 12 lessons

For students over the age of 21 additional 21% VAT applies (hence the higher price). The deals for 12 lessons are on a consecutive weekly bases only. Families that live on a low income and are residents of the Netherlands can request funding from the  Jongeren Cultuur Fonds to compensate for the lessons.

Lessons last one hour. Cancelling lessons is free if done at least 48 hours in advance.

Do you have any questions about the lessons? Feel free to contact me!