Guus van Beelen

(C) Copyright 2018 Guus van Beelen

Guus's love for music is evident in all of his playing, fusing styles and techniques that result in a unique sound and approach of playing that is recognisable everywhere. Besides writing his own material, Guus is a support bass player for many talented artists and overall a fun-loving guy that loves to cook in his spare time.


The love for music came at an early age for Guus. In his youth he played various instruments such as guitar, drums, keyboards, classical piano, violin before finding the awesomeness of the bassguitar which he still plays to this day. During high school his love for music was recognised as he was asked to write original music for the musical Antigone. Also around this time he founded the rockband Slinkey, together with three mates.


As time moved on Guus learned the ropes of the bassguitar (or rather, the strings) in and around the city of Leiden, performing and jamming in local pubs and venues. After graduating at the Conservatory of Amsterdam with a bachelor in Jazz bassguitar and a master in Film music composition, Guus had the pleasure of working with many musicians, producers, composers and filmmakers such as Bob Varo, Daniel van Dalen, Rudi de Graaff, Robert Bogaart, Wouter Kiers, Thijs Bazelmans, Anne Chlosta, Titus Nachbauer, Lucas Camps, Maarten Kruijswijk, Thomas Olivier, Robin Brock, Mikhel Zilmer, Zosja El Rhazi, Ruth Geerse, Santeri Sulkunen, Dirk-jan de Koning and was part of the rockbands Dog Barking in Distance, the Hoarsest as well as hip-hop formation HIDO among others. Most recently he recorded his song 'Het komt wel goed' in the Sonic City studios of the Abbey Road Institute.


Guus also wrote the music for a number of films, such as:


Shiners and the Gall (Thijs Bazelmans, 2014)

Transhuman (Titus Nachbauer, 2011, with co-writer Tom Trago)

Meester (Anne Chlosta, Lucas Camps, 2011)

HiFi (Thijs Bazelmans, 2009)


At the moment Guus is writing a new album entitled Core Values. Check back regularly on this website for more details!